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You wanted me to give you a critique for this one. I'll do my best to give you something helpful.

I'll start with the technicalinformation:
ISO800 and a shutterspeed of 1/1600.
If you reduce the ISO to 200 you'll get a slower shutterspeed, but not particulary significant at all.
A lower ISO will give you more details and less noise.

I see you use Photoshop, this is a tool with endless possibilites, but I'll give you some tips on how to improve the image as you've done it.

You can open the image in Camera Raw. I would lighten up the black, so you'd get more details in the handle of the bottle. A general rule of mine would be to have the whole spectre present, so if I have 100% blackpart, I want to have a 100% whitepart as well; this is because it'll give you the contrast you're lacking if you're having just one of them present.

I would also add some clarity to this image, to make the bottle pop a little more from the blurred fore/background.

I would also add some warmth to the image, it's meant to be something pleasant/calming to look at, so by adding some temperature here you'll achieve this.

That's a few things to think about. I can see that you have a vision on how you wanted this to be when you captured it. Keep up that process and the postprocessing will give you more and more creativefreedom with practise.

I hope this was helpful :)
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