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Keeping it Classy by 8-BitQuilter


You wanted me to give you a crique for this one.
As I tell everyone I give a critique to; don't mind the stars.

You seem to have a nice idea on what you're trying to show us as viewers. When you get an idea like that, don't be afraid to try alot of angles and setups with the props you've got here.
When it comes down to the technicalaspect of the photo there are something to think about when it comes to lighting and focus. I'm guessing by the settings and the focus that you've used some sort of automatic-fuction. What happens when you do that is that you'll get a correct exposure, but you're paying the price with added grain. This can be fixed to some extent by having your camera on selftimer standing on something solid.
When it comes to the use of autofocus, the autofocus will search for a highcontrast area, which in this case would be the knifeblade - as a result of this you'll end up with a somewhat blurry rabbit.

So to sum it up photographically I'd recommend you to try different angles and setups, add some light if there isn't much at the scene and to get the sharpest possible image, be sure to have your camera on selftimer standing on something sturdy in a case were you don't have much light.

To give this image a little more detail I would lighten the shadows slightly and add some contrast.

I'd recommend you to have a look at this video [link] when you have the time. It's a video on compositions and how to open your mind up to creative solutions :)

I hope this was helpful :)
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