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The Violin Sensation by Vissyscrafts


You wanted me to give you a critique for this one.
As I tell everyone I do a critique for: don't mind the stars, they don't teach you anything.

I'm not familar with you camera, but I'm guessing you don't have much manualcontrol over the settings.
So I'll go over to goes into composition instead, since this is what I think you'll learn the most from.
When it comes to this spesific image you've got patterns in form of the spreadsheets, this is a fantastic background for an instrument like this. This shows me that you clearly have a vision for what you wanted to create.
Do be careful though with adding to much props into your image. Personally I think I'd not use the box with the necklace, but you could use the necklace. This will come down to a personalopinionlevel very fast, so I won't be to spesific about this. Just think about the fact that you don't want to crowd your images with stuff when telling a story.


I see that you're using Photoshop, this is good, because then I know I can give you some direct tips on how to improve this image without messing with it's integrety.
For me this image needs a boost in contrast, do note that I'm speaking of a very subtle increase. What you'll achieve is that you'll give your image a little extra pop.
Also I would Increase the sharpness of the violin and flowers.
And finally I'd add a very subtle vignette to the image to give you a stronger and more direct centre.

I've done this myself only with a guitar when I started out. It's good practise, because you'll increase the value of details. I'll give you a youtube video as well, so you'll get some good advices to apply to your photography in the future. This is a video from a seminar Scott Kelby did on composition [link] .

Keep doing what you are doing, experiment and have fun. You'll get so much further if you're having fun while learning :)

Hope this was helpful :)
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Vissyscrafts Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you so much for the critique! Yeah I use auto setting for this, and I actually not really familiar with photography technique and settings, I'll keep my mind about the advice and improve my future photography,
torivarn Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
You're very welcome. Photography is hobby I find interesting, so it kinda drives me to learn more all the time. I try my best to be a perfectionist within the skills I have, because it's easier for me to see where I need to improve the most whether it's photographically or in post-processing. And as I said, the most important thing is that it's fun, because you'll just go at it much more frequently then and up with better and better results :)

Have a really nice weekend :)
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