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Mafia_CAT by DianaLobriglio


You wanted me to write you a critique for this one. Don't mind the stars, they aren't teaching you anything.

When photographing something that's 100% still it's required to have very steady hands to photograph something below 1/60s. You are here at 1/15s of a second, which will give you a unctrollable blur and lack of focus due to the movement of the camera. In this spesific case you also have to take into consideration that both of your are moving, so it would require an even faster shutterspeed. To remedy this you could increase your iso or apply a flash.

You've heard that you're supposed to fill the frame, this is a way to intensify the capture. However it's important to do a "bordercontrol" here so you get everything important in the frame and everything disturbing out.
What I'm getting at here is that a part of the cats ear is missing in the frame.

I can see you have tried to brighten the eyes of the cat. It's very visible especially on the right eye as you've kinda "spilled" some.
There are several ways to brighten an eye. I can recommend going over the eyes with a screen-blend and a layermask and a soft brush. You can reduce the opacity on the eyes after you've made sure you haven't spilled outside of the eyes.

Another thing you should apply here is a smart sharpenfilter, also with a layermask to cover the cat as a whole. Fur, clothing and basically anything with a texture can bear alot of sharpening before it becomes noisy.

Also added a slight vignette and some overall contrast would make the cat pop a little more.

Keep in mind what settings your are using. Getting the shutterspeed and iso to an acceptable level is imperative for a sharp image. A capture without a good focus is next to impossible to fix in post-processing.
If you don't want to use a flash to remedy this, try adding some other lightsource.
And most importantly keep shooting, this is the only way to learn your camera in the end :)

Hope this was helpful :)
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DianaLobriglio Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
That's right!
I'm agree with you. This photo was a lucky shot because my cat won't stay too much time stopped ;) and obviously my hand and shutterspeed was too gaming! I'm not able to shot moving subject and I hope to learn this technic soon! About this photo defects on this one I've seen after your criticism and this one help me to get better about my shot! I'll pick up your words and will put into practice next time.
Many thanks and I hope to receive other critics on my works from you!
Have a nice day
torivarn Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm glad you took it the right way, it's hard to write a direct critique, because it's always a thin line between understanding and misunderstanding.

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