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Abandoned House *In cam HDR+Antique Edit* by PAlisauskas


You wanted me to write you a critique for this one. As I tell everyone I write for; don't mind the stars, they don't teach you anything.

This is you testing in-built HDR. What you've experienced now is that this isn't the way to go. In built HDR is alot worse than shooting jpeg instead of raw. It simply doesn't give you enough options to create the image as you like it. I'd recommend you to look into either photomatix of Nik Softwares HDR Efex Pro.
I'll add a video on composition and some tips on how to approach a subject you find interesting at the end of this critique.
When it comes to representing something you want to check the borders in your frame before pressing the button, this will save you alot of work in the post-processing; spesifically you benefit from either framing the house in branches or removing distracting ones (like on the righthand side).


First off I would remove the branches of the righthandside with a clone tool or healbrush.
As I mentioned about inbuilt HDR, it makes it hard to do anything, but I'll try to lead you somewhere.
HDR will often give you halos when it's big differences between light and dark in the first place. I would remove this from the roof and down the righthandside as best as I could. Halos more or less is the mainreason people don't like HDR, also known as "overdone" HDR.
And if you have the opportunity, I would reduce the exposure level of the cabin, so it'll differ in gradation from the gras.

I would never tell you not to do HDR, I do it myself and I like it. I will however recommend you to doing it manually, it'll give you so much more control on when to and when not to use it.
Also I recommend you this video [link] on photography, not so much about settings, but more about how to approach a scene.

I hope this was helpful and I'm not intending to sound harsh, but you won't understand what I'm trying to say if I'm not direct :)
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PAlisauskas Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Not harsh at all >!!

Exactly what i was looking for some PROPER insight/direction :-) .

Ive been on the fence so to say about the "in cam HDR" and have done little research on doing it manually , but with the info givin i now know two things to look for and give that a shot doing it manually :-) .

Really helped me out , cause u pointed out the exact things (branches and the halo) that really erked me and i just didnt want to do alot of work to it without getting some type of critique on it as it was shot ..

But by far the most informative Critique i have received , beyond grateful for your time , help, and insight . Really appreciate it brother ..

Thanks once more for your time and very informative critique , not harsh exactly what is needed from a critique >!!

Phil :headbang:
torivarn Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm really glad it was helpful to you. I'm just glad you took it the way I meant it, sometimes the line between harsh and direct can be very diffuse and it's uncomfortable for both parties.
HDR can be really fun to play with, but let it be on your own terms - with your own settings :)

ElRinaZuza Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
361 words. It's pretty nice result for a critique.
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