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Dream Inside A Dream by poetrylion93


You wanted me to write you a critique for this one.
As I tell everyone; don't mind the stars, they aren't very informative.

Something to think about when shooting still-life like this: the subject doesn't always need to be deadcentre. This is a very common thing to do, but you can very often get a stronger image if you consider the framing and placement of the subject (this is true for many forms of photography).
Another tip for still-life photography like this, take the time cleaning the things you're having within the frame. Imagine if the black keys where polished here... this would give you a stronger contrast from the beginning.

I don't know what software you used to crop this etc, but personally I think this image would benefit from something like 20% clarity also adding some extra contrast here would be nice. And sharpening the subject(s) would also help the message be even clearer.

All in all I like the idea and I encourage you to keep trying these kind of setups as it's going to teach what works and not in the long run. I've seen many dailydeviations come from setups like this - images with a solid theme.

I hope this was helpful :)
Have a nice weekend :)
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