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Pindrops by excess1ve


You wanted me to write you a critique for this one. As I tell everyone, don't mind the star-ratings, they aren't informative at all.

I think I understand what you are trying to do here. When you're looking around you sometimes you get a feeling that here is something worth captuing. When you get this feeling there is something there and you should think a little about what it is that caught your attention. So try capturing this scene in different angles. The reason you want to do this is because you'll very often be surprised how much difference angles has on the same subject.
Also when photographing in lowlight conditions you very often will need help by some lightsource to pinpoint the focus in the right direction. Using a flashlight of some sort to light up the subject you want to focus on will help you alot. I think when you look at this image you feel that you didn't nail the focus you wanted(?).

As you see your sky is somewhat blown out. Using a gradient to darken the top half will leave my eyes comfortable on the bottom half where it's happening something.
Also adding some overall sharpness to the image is also recommended. I encourage you to try out the smart sharpen-filter in photoshop, just be sure that you don't overdo it, you can also use opacity within the same layer to reduce the sharpening if it's too much.

I hope this was helpful :) Have a nice weekend :)
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excess1ve Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the crit, sorry for the late reply, I've been busy for awhile!

I can relate to the different angles, it was getting dark quick, so I had to make do with what I had, a small gorilla tripod and a small bank on the stream. I had not thought to use a flashlight, I will definitely remember that for next time.

Yep, I hate how that rock in the foreground is off focus.

I'll play around with the post processing in PS,

Thanks for the help again.
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