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Anatomy Of A Water Drop - The Fall by CoreyEacret


You wanted me to write you a critique for this one. As I tell everone, don't mind the star-ratings, they aren't informative.

As you know it takes hundreds of shots to get that one watersplash-shot.
In the end this is all a numbers game, so the most important factors would be focus, focus and shutterspeed.
You're focus is decent, but not entirely spot on. These shots require extreme attention to details to make it in a world flooding with drops.
I like the overall framing here, it would be very good hadn't it been for the 2 drops at the bottom centre (the blurred ones), they are blocking the action.

Personally I like the drama in the dark colors, but I think they are just a little bit to dark, I would consider upping the overall exposure by 0,5ish.
There is some noise in the image, I would adjust this slightly, also adding some sharpness to the action would be nice.

The things I mention are details, but I think you can agree on that it's the little things that make or break and image in the end.

I hope this was helpful :) Have a nice weekend :)
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